Team OVID believes strongly in growing the leaders of tomorrow in our rural communities. It is for this reason that we partner with local 4-H organizations who are doing the hands-on work every day to help our youth gain the knowledge and skills they need to be responsible, productive citizens. After all, these kids will be leading the the work that we care so deeply about in the future to help our communities grow and prosper in the future. . 

We volunteer.

Our team members give their time to help children learn by doing.

We build 4-H into local community projects.

We will often go the extra mile to bring children into visioning processes by partnering with local 4-H organizations on poster and essay contests or hands-on learning experiences to understand what kids want their community to look like in the future. We believe that youth should have a voice at the table and 

We provide local scholarships. 

We sponsor local scholarships for children from all backgrounds who display leadership skills through their 4-H programs. These scholarships can be used for technical school as well as two and four year degrees.